NHS Tutoring 2020-2021!

Student News

We are slowly stepping into a revival of the clubs at InTech, and the NHS is one of the most vital of our student organizations to come back online (pun intended). We provide an invaluable service to the students here at InTech, and the honor of giving back as a scholar through tutoring hours and meaningful leadership is undeniable.
This may come as a surprise to you, but this year is very different from the years we’ve faced in the past. We’ve had to adapt to new procedures and strategies to provide as meaningful a learning experience as we can manage in our current environment. Thank you for continuing to strive for excellence and providing a positive example for your fellow students.

Please note: our current situation has created a new stress-level metric system. The measurements start at moderate stress levels, and they only go up from there. Mindfulness of such things will go a long way to ensure that we all get the greatest benefit out of NHS service this year.

—- The Current State of Things —-

Because things are the way they are, we cannot function at our highest state of effectiveness (let alone remain within required parameters) without a little adaptation. As such, we will need to adopt a HyFlex system just as the school has been doing since the start of the year. We will seek to be as flexible to student needs and tutor needs as we can reasonably manage to be.

Beginning with this week, and moving forward throughout the year, we will again be providing tutoring to students in need of assistance. In order to accomplish this, we will have designated Google Meet rooms (Assigned according to subject) that tutors can meet with students in during our usual tutoring period: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday from ~ 2:30-4:30. These Meet Rooms will be accessible by viewing the tutoring event displayed on the school calendar (found on the school website). Tutors will also be available in the physical classroom to address student needs one-on-one in an in-person format.

Please come and take advantage of this educational service! We strive to assist you with facing all the challenges that come with assigned work at school.

As you can see, there will be unavoidable learning curves and adjustments to procedure as we move forward. I appreciate your patience thus far with the start of NHS activities, and I would appreciate continued patience as we work out the kinks of what indeed will and will not work for this work in the long term. 

Your unexacting NHS Advisor,

– Mr. Killpack