InTech Lockscreen Competition

Student News

Message from Maddie in SLAB:

Hello InTech Students!

We are going to have another lockscreen competition! All of you will have the opportunity to compete for the prize of having your artwork put on the intech lockscreen for two weeks!

The guidelines for the lockscreen competition are:

  • 16:9 Ratio (Width:Height).
  • At least 3840×2160 pixels.
  • Must include “ICA” or Full “InTech Collegiate Academy” somewhere on it.
  • Avoid having main/readable content in the lower left corner so clock/date does not block it.

Please be aware that any art that is copyrighted, or not school appropriate (including images with dirty graphics, blood, or violence) will not be allowed to compete. Those who would prefer to submit physical artwork (rather than digital) can bring their pictures to Ms. Fleming for a professional photo or scan. 

You can only submit one lock screen picture, and the deadline for submitting your work is Friday, February 19th. 

Submit your images to

We look forward to seeing everybody’s creativity!