Laptop Check In

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School laptops will be turned in based on what group a student is a part of:

  • Seniors
    • Thursday May 16th, 8:30A-2:30P.
    • Check In will be done at the IT Desk, come in any time during the check in window.
    • If taking an AP test Thursday, seniors will turn in the laptop immediately afterwards.
    • All laptops must be turned in by 2:30P, including if you have purchased your school laptop.
  • In-Person Students (7-11th Grades)
    • Wed, May 26th.
    • The IT Desk will call students down sometime during the day to check in the school laptop.  They should come to school with their data already backed up, and all of the accessories in the laptop bag to be checked in.
  • Online Students (7-11th Grades)
    • Thurs, May 27th, 2:00PM-6:30PM.
    • Open hours – no appointment needed, just arrive inside the window.
    • Students will need to come to the school building sometime between 2P-6:30P to check in the laptop and accessories.  Follow posted signs when you arrive.  Students should already have their data backed up if they wish to keep it.
  • Students enrolled in Summer School
    • Students will keep the laptop through the duration of summer school (likely through June 4th), and turn it in once they are done with make-up work.

Please contact Jens Trauntvein () with questions regarding laptop turn in.