7th Grade Agriculture Field Trip Permission Form

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I will send a paper copy of the permission form home with your student, but wanted you to know the details of the field trip.


To attend students need to have good citizenship and all C and higher grades (or be showing improviement).

The form is handed out 3 weeks early to motivate students to bring their grades up.

Students who don’t meet the requirements will stay at the school for a tutoring day.

Thursday, October 6th Schedule:

9:15 leave InTech

9:30-11:30 American West Heritage Experience

11:30-12:30  sack lunch

12:30-2:00 USU Caine Dairy

2:00 Aggie Ice Cream

2:25 Return to the school

Thank you parent volunteers!

Let me know if you have questions!

/n———————————-/nAttachments available for 30 days until Friday, October 14, 2022:/nhttps://secure.onecallnow.com/Attachments/314933_75fe3fcd-e4fe-4480-8097-2cb54ddf60a0.pdf

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See your email for the original email announcement, this message was sent to email addresses we have on file for parents of current students.