Vending Machines

Student News
Vending machines are back!

The robotics team has started restocking the vending machines in the back hallway.  Be patient as it takes time replacing some of the selections.
There are some rules about selling food and drinks to students during school:
  • Middle school students are only allowed to buy low/no fat milk/flavored milk, 100% juice, or water.  No exceptions.
  • High school students are allowed to buy anything that middle school students can plus diet sodas.
  • Faculty and adult guests can buy anything.
  • To unlock specific drink selections just scan your student ID card and the drink machine will unlock the allowed selections for 10 seconds based on your grade level.  
  • Everything in the snack machine can be purchased by anyone, no scanning needed.
  • After the end of the school day anyone can buy anything! Technically the school day starts at midnight and ends 30 minutes after school is out.
The vending machines are being used to help raise money for robotics, please support our team!  Never hit, kick push, shove, shake, tip, try to get free stuff, or otherwise damage/vandalize either machine.  If there are any problems with the machines let Mr Ashcroft know.

See your ICA Email for the original email announcement.