Panda Express Fundraiser

Student News

It’s a Panda Express fundraiser this Friday! Bring the attached flyer
(digital or paper copy) to the North Logan Panda Express and they will
donate 20% of whatever you spend to the robotics team. You can also order
online using the code on the flyer. Tell your friends, family, and
everyone you know! Post the flyer on all your social media! Have orange
chicken for lunch, Beijing beef for dinner, and leftover chow mien for
breakfast! You can even pick up some paper flyers from Mr Ashcroft to pass
out around at your workplace! The one thing we aren’t allowed to do is
pass out flyers in the Panda Express/Lee’s parking lot.
This is only valid at the North Logan Panda Express (by Lee’s)
[image: image.png]

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