Yearbook Cover Contest: Last Call!

Student News
 One last reminder, InTechians!

Want to help the Yearbook Staff out? Submit a design for our 2022-2023 yearbook!
Our yearbook theme this year is 'Photo Album / Scrapbook,' so send in your scrapbook-style yearbook cover ideas using one of our templates below! You can create your design using any medium, but your final submission must be in a digital image format (.jpeg, .png, or .gif). 
What will you win? If your design is picked, it will be used as the yearbook cover for this school year! On top of that, you will also win a free copy of the yearbook (a $35 value)!
Here are the rules for the contest:
  1. The cover must fit the theme ('Scrapbook / Photo Album').
  2. The cover must be school appropriate.
  3. The cover must fill a 19.32" wide by 12.75" tall page.
    1. About .5" of the border will be wrapped around the edges of the book, please put nothing of importance there.
    2. About .5" of the center will cover the spine of the book.
    3. Photoshop and Illustrator templates are available (and attached here)!
  4. The cover must have the word 'InTech' and the school year '2023' on the front cover. You may also include 'Collegiate Academy,' but do not have to.
  5. The cover may have no one's face on it. InTechian or otherwise.
  6. You may submit multiple covers, but only one can go on the actual cover!
We will accept submissions until 11:59 PM on January 13, 2023 (that's NEXT FRIDAY!). 
Email your submissions to Mr. Larsen (), Ms. Fleming (), or to our Yearbook Staff ().
Have fun! We are looking forward to seeing what amazing designs you all can create!

See your ICA Email for the original email announcement.