InTech Collegiate Academy Science Fair Was Held Last Week and the Following Students Have Qualified to Move on to The…

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InTech Collegiate Academy Science Fair was held last week and the following students have qualified to move on to the Regional fair! Thank you to Ms. Davidson for managing the fair and to all the volunteer judges and others who set up for the fair.

High School Botany
— Fen Byrne
— Chloe Cannon
— Zak Lofthouse

Middle School Botany
— Gianna Humes
— Geornell Lewis
— Sullivan McComber

High School Chemistry
— Christina Zhang
— Bishop Baumann

High School Environmental
— Christian Mullholland
— Elias Humphries
— Oliver Beland

Middle School Environmental
— Kay Gilbert
— Gabe Pace
— Kevin Graham

High School Medical/Health
— Jessica Shea

Middle School Medical/Health
— Lizzy Tilley
— Grin Monson
— Sarah Sundberg

High School Engineering
— Elva Meyer
— Thomas Shaw
— Derek Andres
— Jonathan Wade

Middle School Engineering
— Cole Egbert
— Talon Tarbell
— Jayden Mulholland

High School Social/Behavioral
— Ryker Monson
— Harlie Crook
— Lucas Thoms
— Andi Hinojosa

Middle School Social/Behavioral
— Alexis Holdener
— Shelby Gan
— Henry Trinh
— Daniel Russon

High School Zoology
— Brooklyn Blaser
— Sierra Blaser

Middle School Zoology
— James Wallas

High School Math/Physics
— Brian Heers
— Caleb Chandler
— Travis Chandler

Middle School Math/Physics
— Carston Cox
— Nathan Dana

High School Microbiology
— Luke Latvakoski
— Charlie Maughan

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