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Dear Parents,

The SUU Early College Online Program will be offering online courses to high school students during the Summer 2023 semester. This is NOT InTech’s Early College program, but SUU’s own program with their own requirements.

The courses they are offering this summer are:

    English 1010
    English 2010 / Information Literacy 1010 (These two courses are co-required and must be taken together)
    Humanities 1010
    Math 1030
    Physics 1010

Please note that English and Math courses have prerequisite requirements in order to be able to register for them. Prerequisites can be satisfied by achieving the appropriate ACT or placement test scores.  More information about placement tests can be found on the SUU testing center website: (

Tuition for courses offered through the ECO program is $75 dollars per credit hour. This would make a typical 3 credit course $225 dollars. Students are also required to pay for their own textbooks, if the course has one.

The courses we are offering over the summer can be used to help satisfy the Utah Opportunity Scholarship requirements. More information on this scholarship here.

Requirements for students to be admitted into the ECO program are:

High School GPA of 3.0 or Higher (a copy of the students transcript must be submitted as part of the application process)

Parent/ Guardian Permission

Students should be either a Junior or Senior in High School as of Fall 2023

Students were sent an email that included attachments on how to register for these courses.

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See your email for the original email announcement, this message was sent to email addresses we have on file for parents of current students.