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Only one month left of school!

Please make sure all your lunch account and school fees are paid.

Please let us know if you are not returning to InTech next year. We have a long and anxious waitlist.

May 3rd: Test Day (11th & 12th Grades no school) Everyone else except for extended time will be done at 12:30 pm

May 4th: 7th Grade Career Day Field Trip

May 6th: Prom 7-10 pm

May 8th: AP Calculus Test 8 am

May 12th: Physics Day @ Lagoon $55 for students with C and higher grades or Tutorial Day for those who need to get caught up

May 19th: Last day for Seniors

May 22nd: Graduation 6:30 pm in the USU Ballroom

May 24th: General Laptop turn in

May 25th: Cleanup and Field Day release at 1:30 pm

May 26th: Yearbook Day release at 11:30 am (check ASPIRE fees to see if you have purchased a yearbook)

May 30th to June 1: Summer School for those who need credit recovery

Please let me know if you have questions!

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See your email for the original email announcement, this message was sent to email addresses we have on file for parents of current students.