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Flex Updates: Open Flex & Flex Tutorial

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Hello InTech Families!

We are excited to begin our 1st trimester  FLEX Tutorial (required for assigned students) and “Open” Flex (optional) sessions starting Monday Sept 18th.

Student Assigned to Flex Tutorial:  

  • Parents will be contacted if their student has been assigned to Flex Tutorial this week.
  • “Flex Tutorial” attendance IS required M-W for assigned students. 
  • There are fewer seats available for Flex Tutorial this year.  
  • For students who need additional assistance, but are not assigned to Flex Tutorial, peer & after school tutoring will also be available M-W until 4:30pm.

7-8th Graders

  • Students do not need to attend Flex, but they’ll have a space created for them. 
  • Student may attend Flex in their homeroom groups (Ms. Ewing for 7th and Mr. Stull for 8th) or can choose a different activity/rooms to go to.
  • An email will be sent to students M-W morning letting students know where they are assigned to go for Flex that day. 

9th -12th Graders

  • Students are able to choose what (if any) Flex classes they attend.
  • An email will be sent M-W morning reminding students what they signed up for.
  • If a student doesn’t choose a Flex session to attend, they are expected to be off campus. 

Students will use Edficiency to choose optional sessions, and teachers will go over this in Flex. More info here:

We highly recommend students stay for Open Flex for 

  • Club time
  • Homework help
  • Student Leadership Activities
  • Guest Speakers

This setup will be assessed and may be changed starting Trimester 2.

 Please reach out with any questions.

 Thank you for ALL you do!

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