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USU Scholarships and the FSA ID

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USU Scholarships and FSA ID Update

Hello InTech Families!

I wanted to share some updated information about USU Scholarships and the FSA ID this year as you continue to prepare and apply:

USU Scholarships

Here are the official details on the USU scholarships: USU Scholarships

Merit Scholarships

  • The deadline to apply for these scholarships is Dec 1st.
  • Students are automatically put in a pool for USU’s merit scholarships when they apply to USU.
  • There was no change to USU’s Scholarship Index.
  • All of USU’s Merit Scholarships now last 4 years! In the past only the Presidential scholarship covered 4 years.
  • If your student is super close to the next level of scholarship and has taken rigorous courses (AP, Concurrent Enrollment, Early College), and may have a low ACT score, they may be able to bump up to the next level by applying for the Comprehensive Scholarship Review (CSR).
  • The application will open Monday on their site. Deadline to apply is Jan 10th.

Non-Academic Awards

  • The Utah State Promise (Financial Need): After all aid and scholarships are applied to a Utah State Promise recipient’s account, USU will then pay any remaining balance due resulting from tuition and student body fees. Requires FAFSA. Deadline is Feb 1st.
  • USU has several great leadership scholarships, please navigate to the provided link for more information. Most deadlines are either Dec 1st or Jan 1st.


More information can be found at this link: FSA ID

  • Even though we are months away from the FAFSA opening for the year, students and parents may still create their FSA ID now.
  • Your FSA ID is the legal signature used to sign your FAFSA.
  • You will use it every time you fill out the FAFSA.
  • If you attend the FAFSA night with a pre-created FSA ID, it will be a very short process.
  • Students – avoid connecting it with your InTech email address if possible, as it is deleted in June.

FAFSA Night at InTech will be January 17th.

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