Parent Meeting:  InTech – BTECH – USU College Pathways

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InTech Parents (and interested faculty/students)

On Thurs Nov 2 @ 6PM, InTech will host an informational meeting for parents to share with you some information about our upcoming move to BTECH and how it enhances our college and career opportunities/preparation.

The tentative agenda includes:

  • Reason for and benefit of InTech moving to BTECH campus
  • BTECH program overview
  • Pathways/college credit at USU for BTECH coursework
  • Overview of BTECH’s Automation Technology program (as 1 example of the first 3 agenda items)

We are planning on recording the meeting. We will send out a link if we stream (still deciding on that one as we would like to have as much in-person participation as possible).

Hope to see you there.


“Will InTech continue to have its Early College Program with USU?” The answer is “YES!!!” InTech will continue to offer Concurrent Enrollment (in-person, broadcast, and online) and its unique (on-USU campus) Early College Program. Our move to BTECH will expand Early College and STEM career opportunities (not replace)!

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