Interested in Joining TSA?

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Are you interested in trying out competitive events involving technology
across multiple different fields of study? Want to try your hand at
creating new fashions, writing a children’s book, building a model
building, presenting on a new technological topic that could change the
world, write software, or many other options?

Then come join InTech’s Technology Student Association! *We will be holding
our first meeting both during Flex AND after school on November 7th!* TSA
is open to all students and features a Middle School section (for our 7th
and 8th grade students) and a High School section (for our 9th, 10th, 11th
and 12th grade students).

Want to get an idea of what kinds of events TSA has to offer? Take a look!

High School TSA Competitions

Middle School TSA Competitions

We hope to see you there on November 7th, during Flex (Sign up for the
session!) or after school!

Tyler Larsen – Instructor of Computer Technology/Digital Technology
InTech Collegiate Academy

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