Parent Meeting:  InTech – BTECH – USU College Pathways

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Informational Meeting at InTech

On Thurs Nov 2 @ 6PM, InTech will host an informational meeting for parents to share with you some information about our upcoming move to BTECH and how it enhances our college and career opportunities/preparation.

Tentative Agenda

  • Reason for and benefit of InTech moving to BTECH campus

  • BTECH program overview

  • Pathways/college credit at USU for BTECH coursework

  • Overview of BTECH’s Automation Technology program (as 1 example of the first 3 agenda items

We are planning on recording the meeting. We will send out a link if we stream (still deciding on that one as we would like to have as much in-person participation as possible).

Hope to see you there.

Important Question Answered

As to one big question we know people will have: “Will InTech continue to have its Early College Program with USU?” The answer is “YES!!!” InTech will continue to offer Concurrent Enrollment (in-person, broadcast, and online) and its unique (on-USU campus) Early College Program. Our move to BTECH will expand Early College and STEM career opportunities (not replace)!.

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