Thanksgiving Break and FLEX Attendance Expectations for 2nd Tri

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Parents/Students – Thanksgiving Break

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

Tomorrow (Tues Nov 21) the building will close at 2:45PM.

Parents/students should arrange for transportation home for that time.

FLEX, after-school tutoring, and extra-curriculars are cancelled for Tues Nov 21.

FLEX Attendance Expectations for 2nd Trimester

Since we have adjusted how FLEX operates this year, we know there is some confusion.

  • Each trimester will start with 3-5 weeks of FLEX activities (and attendance) that are required/expected for most students.
  • The remaining weeks of each trimester will include “FLEX Tutorial” (for students requiring extra support and “Open FLEX” in which students have the option to participate/attend.
  • Most students are expected to attend FLEX each M/T/W for the first 3-5 weeks of each trimester. That means that FLEX will be “required” for the remainder of Nov/Dec
  • “Open” FLEX and FLEX Tutorial will resume in Jan (until the end of 2nd trimester).

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