University of Utah Is Offering ENGL 2010 This Spring

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Hello InTech Families!

University of Utah has shared the following opportunity for our seniors that meet the prerequisites to take ENGL 2010 online through them. ENGL 2010 is required for students to complete their General Education requirements at any USHE Institution and is the last required English class students will take (unless they major in English!)

Link to flyer

If you have any students who are ready for a challenge, unable to take concurrent enrollment ENGL 2010 at school, or looking to complete more university General Education requirements, please let them know that the University of Utah is offering an online ENGL 2010 class for high school students Spring semester.

This course is for students who have completed Language Arts 9, 10, and 11. To take the class, students must apply through HSUP, send in their high school transcript, and fill out a brief form letting us know how they will meet the prerequisite for the course. The HSUP application fee will be waived for students taking the class.

For your reference, the prerequisite for ENGL 2010 can be met one of three ways:

  • Earn a grade of C- or better in ENGL 1010*
  • Score 3 or higher on the essay in the Informed Self-Placement assessment

*If students are currently enrolled in ENGL 1010 at their high school or another institution, we will need to see that listed as an in-progress course on their transcript

**Students’ AP exam score must either be reported on their high school transcript or be sent to the University of Utah from College Board.

The GPA requirement for seniors to take General Education classes with University of Utah is a 3.2

Please reach out if you have any questions!

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