InTech FBLA Mid-Level Team Shines at Regional Competition with Multiple Wins

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Congrats to the InTech FBLA Mid-Level team and their advisor, Ms. Frehner for their performance at regionals!

Business Ethics Test
— 2nd place Henrietta Beck

Business Ethics Presentation
— 2nd place Avi Lucero and Henrietta Beck

Digital Citizenship
— 1st Place Avi Lucero
— 4th Place Henry Trihn

Exploring Computer Science
— 1st place Henry Trihn

FBLA Mission and Pledge
— 3rd place Henrietta Beck
— 4th place Sariah Pace

Video Game Design
— 1st place Cam Silva & Henry Trihn

Elevator Speech
— 1st place Kyle Medrano

Running an Effective Meeting
— 5th place Kyle Medrano

Marketing Mix Challenge
— 3rd Place Kyle Medrano & Charity Chandler

Business Etiquette
— 4th place Sariah Pace

Exploring Technology
— 2nd place Henry Trihn

Career Exploration
— 1st place Henry Trihn

Career Presentation
— 4th place Henry Trihn

Interpersonal Communication
— 2nd place Avi Lucero

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