Trimester 3 – Flex, Concurrent Enrollment & BTECH Information

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Hello InTechians!

I just wanted to send out some information about a few things for this upcoming trimester to ensure a smooth transition for all.


  • Required Flex begins again Monday, Feb 26th to March 13th.
  • Open Flex begins March 18th. We recommend students stay for open flex for additional class support, SLAB activities, and clubs.(If a student has a release for BTECH, etc, they do not need to attend Flex)
  • Registration season is coming up! Registration for future 12th graders will begin March 20th. More info will be coming in March’s counseling newsletter.
  • Flex Tutorial students will be added to their respective grade Flex classes until March 18th. Afterwards, Flex tutorial will begin and run through the entire trimester. Students are required to attend M-W the rest of the trimester, until May 22nd.

Concurrent Enrollment

  • All Trimester 3 CE classes start Monday.
  • Spring Semester CE classes will continue through Trimester 3 until May 1st. Grades for the courses will be posted on students transcripts once we receive the final grades from USU.


  • All Trimester 3 BTECH classes begin Monday.
  • An email should have been sent to students when they registered to confirm their registration and give them room information. In case this email was lost, please check aspire to see the class and the attached Maps to see where each class is.

Please reach out with any questions! Thank you for ALL you do, and I hope you have a great weekend!


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