Parent-Teacher-Student Conference Scheduling (April 18th)

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Welcome Parents! We’re excited to be able to meet with you. All PTSC meetings will be held virtually through Google Meet and must be scheduled in advance below.

Though we would like to meet with everyone, we have a limited amount of time available during PTSC and we would like to reserve PTSC availability for those with specific questions or concerns. We request that you only schedule a meeting with instructors in courses where your student is struggling or you have specific concerns that you would like to discuss. Thank you for your understanding!

PTSC Meetings will be held through Google Meet preferably – or via phone if the web conference is not possible.

The Virtual PTSC Process:

You will need a Google Account for our Virtual PTSC — either your own, or you can use your student’s InTech email account.

  1. Open the scheduler (below) for the instructor you’d like to meet with.
  2. Find an open slot on the PTSC Days (April 18th).
  3. Choose a convenient time block.
  4. Enter in the description:
    • Your student’s name.
    • Best phone number to reach you at in the event that Google Meet does not work.
    • Any comments you’d like to pass along to the instructor.
  5. Save the appointment. The instructor will be notified, your time reserved, and an entry will be made on your Google Calendar.
  6. Repeat for any additional instructors that you would like to meet with.
  7. When your appointment window begins: the instructor will send you the Google Meet link to join or give you a call via the number you provided.

Appointment Schedulers: