Hallway Printer Down: Temporary Workaround

Student News

Hi InTechians,

I’m sure you are aware that our hallway printer is down. We are waiting for
parts and service to arrive to get it operational again, and unfortunately,
we are not sure when they will arrive.

Until we have it operational again, students may use these workarounds:

– *SCANNING*: You may temporarily use the front office printer for
scanning. You can log in and scan the same way you would on the hallway
– *PRINTING*: You may submit a PDF of what you need to be printed to the
IT Team through a ticket , and we will
print and deliver your print to you. How long it takes for the print to be
delivered to you will vary depending on how many tickets are ahead of you
in line.
– You can save a document as a PDF generally through the “file” menu
in whatever application you are using. For Google Docs, go to File ->
Download -> PDF. For Word, go to File -> Export -> Create PDF.

Please try to limit your scanning and printing to only important documents.
This workaround adds to the workload for Ms. Liebes, the front office, and
the IT Desk, but we wanted to make sure you still have access to complete
important work.

When the hallway printer is operational again, we’ll go back to using that
printer for both scanning and printing.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone,

*Jens CK Trauntvein*
Technology Director, InTech Collegiate Academy
He, Him, His

See your ICA Email for the original email announcement.