Re: Hallway Printer Down: Temporary Workaround

Student News

The hallway printer is working again and we can print/scan like normal!

Thanks for your patience and being willing to work around the problem while
we waited for the parts to arrive.

*Jens CK Trauntvein*
Technology Director, InTech Collegiate Academy
He, Him, His

On Fri, Apr 12, 2024 at 10:32 AM Jens CK Trauntvein wrote:

> Hi InTechians,
> I’m sure you are aware that our hallway printer is down. We are waiting
> for parts and service to arrive to get it operational again, and
> unfortunately, we are not sure when they will arrive.
> Until we have it operational again, students may use these workarounds:
> – *SCANNING*: You may temporarily use the front office printer for
> scanning. You can log in and scan the same way you would on the hallway
> printer.
> – *PRINTING*: You may submit a PDF of what you need to be printed to
> the IT Team through a ticket , and we
> will print and deliver your print to you. How long it takes for the print
> to be delivered to you will vary depending on how many tickets are ahead of
> you in line.
> – You can save a document as a PDF generally through the “file”
> menu in whatever application you are using. For Google Docs, go to File ->
> Download -> PDF. For Word, go to File -> Export -> Create PDF.
> Please try to limit your scanning and printing to only important documents.
> This workaround adds to the workload for Ms. Liebes, the front office, and
> the IT Desk, but we wanted to make sure you still have access to complete
> important work.
> When the hallway printer is operational again, we’ll go back to using that
> printer for both scanning and printing.
> Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone,
> *Jens CK Trauntvein*
> Technology Director, InTech Collegiate Academy
> He, Him, His
> (435) 775-2552 |

See your ICA Email for the original email announcement.