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Exciting News for Seniors!

USU has decided to extend this year’s scholarship deadline to June 1st due to the craziness with FAFSA delays! So exciting!

Previously, USU’s scholarship deadline was December 1st, but now any student who has applied after this date– and before June 1st– will be automatically considered according to our merit scholarship index. This deadline extension will only apply to their academic awards but it’s a really great opportunity for any students who may have applied to USU recently and didn’t receive an award.

Students who applied after December 1st have already been notified of their scholarship if they qualified, and if any student applies before the new deadline of June 1st, they will also be automatically considered.

The Best Part

USU can now consider any GPA or ACT increases that happen(ed) between December 1st-June 1st. Students who have already applied but are sending USU updated transcripts or scores will need to fill out the scholarship reconsideration form. There is also an ACT being offered on the USU campus this upcoming Wednesday for any students who might like to improve their score or take the test for the first time.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Emma Tackett:

Emma Tackett
Admissions Specialist
Office: (435) 797-8121

You can also schedule a meeting with her.

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