About Us

InTech Collegiate Mission: “Expand the base of talent entering college and pursuing STEM careers.”.

See the ICA Charter, our founding document for details.

We live and breathe STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in everything that we do. From our learning tools, to the courses we teach, to the after-school activities we participate in – InTech is truly one-of-a-kind. We pursue our mission through:

  • Outreach to Under-represented Groups
  • Early College Programs
  • STEM-focused Courses and Extracurriculars

Our Programs


Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are just some of the sciences at InTech! We are well known for our Science Fair and our students learning real skills and processes used in the industry.

Computer Science

Join one of the fastest growing industries, with new jobs opening every day! Learn how to code in our Computer Science program.


From CAD to 3D Printing, Design Process to Robotics, and Energy to Engines, our Engineering Program gives students real-world skills right out of High School.


Math principles are applicable in nearly every field – and InTech’s plethora of math options keep our students engaged. We offer many advanced courses, in addition to utilizing our technology to further learning.

Our Technology

As a STEM focused school – we utilize various technologies every day in our classes.

Our STEM programs already have a huge assortment of equipment available to them – but at InTech, we go one step further by providing a laptop to each student for their work. At school, or at home!

Our students have the opportunity to use industry-standard software ranging from Autodesk, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft, Cisco and more! Join a new age of education at InTech!

Our Early College Offerings

Rigorous Curriculum

InTech provides a junior high and high school curriculum and is known for its rigorous instruction.  InTech also requires 4.0 credits of advanced/STEM coursework beyond basic high school graduation requirements. This high qualify college preparatory experience leads to student achievement that is consistently among the highest in the state.

Curriculum Acceleration

InTech selects and sequences courses to accelerate students’ development of the advanced skills necessary for college and careers. Because substantial completion of high school graduation requirements is met earlier by most InTech students, there is additional time for students to participate in early college offerings.

Early College

InTech offers a select number of advanced placement (AP) and concurrent enrollment (CE) courses. Aside from AP and CE, INTECH offers a third program to assist students who wish to pursue an early college experience.

Through a partnership with Utah State University, qualified InTech students can enter the university while still in high school; with USU providing a 40-50% tuition scholarship.  InTech currently funds the remainder of the tuition cost for at least one class each semester!

In combination, these three programs enable a student to earn 60+ college credits (the equivalent of an associate degree).

Join Us!

Ready to reach for the stars?

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