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18 new members were inducted into InTech’s chapter of the National Honor Society last week! With existing members, almost a 1/3 of InTech students in grades 10-12 are part of the society and provide peer tutoring to over InTech students and service throughout the community. NHS is supervised by advisor, Mr. Killpack.

New inductees include:

— Sierra Blaser
— Fen Byrne
— Kaleb Chandler
— Skyler Da Silva
— Alexis Holdener
— Aidan Lowry
— Theo Makanoa
— Lucas Marin Johnson
— Stella Meyer
— Timothy Mikesell
— Talon Tarbell
— Lucas Thoms
— Joy Vuyk
— Diana Walker
— Ethan Wang
— Dan Weston
— Oliver Williams
— Mary Alice Woolcott