Audit Committee

InTech is required to undergo an annual external financial audit and is also subject to periodic reviews, audits, and monitoring conducted by the USBE or other regulatory agencies. The InTech Audit Committee manages the procurement process to recommend an external auditor to the Governing Board and also monitors the external audit process. The Audit Committee also receives reports of audits, reviews, and monitoring conducted in relation to InTech Collegiate Academy, ensures a sound system of internal controls, and ensures reviews of fiscal policies and procedures.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting

Financial fraud, waste, and/or abuse related to InTech Collegiate Academy can be reported to the InTech Executive Director as well as members of the Audit Committee.

Alternatively, reporters of fraud, waste, and abuse can report to the USBE Concerns Hotline:

(801) 538-7813 | 


Unless otherwise posted, all meetings are held at:

InTech Collegiate Academy
1787 N Research Park Way
North Logan, Utah 84341

Scheduled Meetings
  • Meeting Dates and Times TBD

Audit Committee Documents

Audit Committee Members

Dr. Harri Latvakoski : Governing Board Member

Dr. Harri Latvakoski

Governing Board Member

Industry Member (Term:  June 30, 2026)