College Applications

This list is meant to help support students prepare to apply for colleges. Please check the colleges you are interested in for specific information.

How to prepare now:

  • Make a list of your top schools (9-11), reduce it down to 3 top choices by senior year
  • Take Campus Tours (11th-12th grade)
    • Come with questions
  • Know the college entrance requirements
    • Do you meet their GPA and ACT/SAT Requirements?
    • Ask for your transcript from Ms. Frehner
  • Scholarship Deadlines
    • Most Scholarship Deadlines are in Early Fall
  • Update your resume
  • Send your ACT scores to the colleges of interest
    • The ACT will let you send your scores to 4 different colleges for free
  • Work on personal essays
    • Ask your English Teacher for help
  • Scholarship recipients need to be well rounded-academic, service, extracurricular, work
  • Will need letters of recommendation-ask teachers/etc. 2-3 weeks or more in advance

Important Information that Applications will ask for:

  • Credit Card/Payment Information
    • To Pay Application Fee (USU’s Application Fee is $50.00)
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Parents Information-Address, phone number, email
  • Important Dates
    • Started high school: August 201-
    • Graduation: May 202-