College Entrance Exams (ACT & SAT) Information & Test Prep

What Test should I take?

It depends on what schools you apply to! Most schools will accept either the ACT or SAT.


Who: The ACT is for any student that wants to go to college. The ACT is an entrance exam that is required by many four year colleges and universities.

When: There are many tests offered each year-to sign up go to this link. The September and December tests are offered at InTech. Juniors will all take the ACT in the Spring for Free. Sophomores should take the ACT in or by December if they are interested in participating in Early College.

How to Study: It is a timed test. Try to complete practice tests. Try to time yourself! Scroll below for a lot of test prep!

What to Bring to the ACT: Calculator, Photo ID, Pencils – DO NOT bring a cell phone!

The Residual ACT at USU: Sign up online here. Click on “Choose an Exam”, then click ACT R to choose a date and register. The fee is $59. If you have more questions call the USU Testing Center 435-797-1004.


InTech does not offer the SAT. To find the nearest SAT Testing site and to register, go here.

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SHMOOP (Links to an external site.) 

Shmoop is a website that has a ton of ACT prep (and more) including:

  • Five full-length practice exams,
  • Essay help and study guides
  • 1000+ practice questions, and more!
    • Everyone already has a login, just sign in with your gmail (google account). 

ACT ACADEMY  (Links to an external site.) 

ACT’s own test prep site with practice tests and more

  • Create a Username and Password and select InTech as your school.
  • Select “I’m here to practice for the ACT/PreACT”