Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is a program that allows students to take college level courses from right here at InTech, either taught by our own teachers or USU professors by Broadcast. It has less requirements than Early College, but the credit earned from the classes are the same and go permanently on your high school and college transcript. A 3.0 credit USU course is equal to 1.0 ICA credit.

The courses offered are generals that fulfill requirements that go towards a high school diploma and an Associates degree. For a full list of available courses, scroll to the bottom of the page.


  • 3.0+ GPA, No F’s
  • On Track for Graduation
  • Junior or Senior (some sophomores may be eligible dependent on math level)
  • Some Concurrent Enrollment classes have their own prerequisites and ACT score requirements
    • Math
      • Complete Secondary Math 1-3 with C’s or better
      • ACT score of 23 or better in Math section
    • English 1010
      • Complete English 9-11 with C’s or better


  • One time $50.00 application fee. (This gets you an A#)
  • ** (If a student has already paid the application fee for Early College, they can bypass this fee by using their A# as a Promo Code)**
  • $5.00 per credit, most courses are 3 credits ($15.00) , much less expensive than tuition!!
  • Late Registration Fees are $100.00 a course, so make sure to pay early.
  • Books may be required for the course and are the students family’s responsibility to pay for.

Registration (Links to an external site.)

  • If it is your first class, start at Step 1.
  • If you have taken a USU class before, start at Step 3.
  • Don’t forget to pay for your class!

Course List

  • **Concurrent Enrollment Courses Change Dependent on the Year/Trimester** 
  • **Pay attention to the courses you take and what requirements they fulfill (QL, PS, etc.). This shows what Breadth Category the fufill for an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. Taking multiple classes that fulfill the same requirement doesn’t help a student towards a degree, and may impact their financial aid eligibility. This canvas page is meant to give you a brief overview, please meet with Ms. Anderson to review your 4 year plan and other questions.**
  • ENGL 1010 – (3 credits) If you earn a 29+ on the English portions of the ACT, you do not need to take this class. This is a prerequisite for ENGL 2010, a required class for ALL majors.
  • MATH 1040 (QL) – Intro to Statistics. (3 credits)
  • MATH 1050 (QL) – Precalculus (4 credits)
  • MATH 1060 (QL) – Trigonometry (2 credits)
  • GEO 1010 (PS) – Intro to Geology. (3 credits)
  • PHYS 1010 (PS) – Elementary Physics (3 credits)
  • BIOL 1010 (LS) – Intro to Biology (3 credits)
  • MUSC 1010 (CA) – Introduction to Music (3 credits)
  • PSY 1010 (SS) – General Psychology (same credit as AP Psychology) (3 credits)
  • HDFS 1500 (SS) – Human Development Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
  • USU 1320 (HU)- Civilization: Humanities (3 credits)
  • HIST 1700 (AI) – American Civilization (same credit as AP US History) (3 credits)
  • POLS 1100 (AI) – US Government and Politics (same credit as AP US Gov) (3 credits)
  • TEAL 1010 – Intro to Education (for students interested in becoming a teacher) (3 credits)