Parent & Family Engagement (Title I)

Under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, parent have multiple rights to information and engagement opportunities, including:

Rights to Request Notifications:

  • Parents have the right to request
    • Professional qualifications of teachers
    • Paraprofessionals qualifications (if their student is served by a para-professional)
    • Info regarding Utah or InTech policy related to student participation in any mandated assessment, including opt out procedures.

State and InTech Mandated Assessments:

  • State Required Assessments Information
  • Parental Exclusion for State Assessments (opt out of State assessments)
    • Opting out of assessments may have implications for students and the school. It is recommended (but not required) that parents consult with the school to understand these implications.
  • InTech Collegiate Academy (LEA) Required Assessments
    • InTech does not have any required school-wide assessments
  • Course Assessments
    • Parents should contact individual teachers re: course-specific assessments

Student Achievement (State Assessments):

Teacher Qualifications:

  • Utah Educator Licensing Lookup Tool (search for your teachers’ credentials)
  • Underqualified Teacher Notification
    • InTech will notify parents if their student has been taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by a teacher/substitute who does not meet applicable State licensure requirements.

Title I Programs

  • InTech uses Title I funds (braided with other funding) to provide supplemental tutorials, tutoring, and mathematics instruction to students who qualify (based on InTech’s “At-Risk Student” definition.


Parent Engagement