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InTech Collegiate Mission: “Expand the base of talent entering college and pursuing STEM careers.”.See the ICA Charter, our founding document for details. We live and breathe STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in everything that we do. From our learning tools, to the courses we teach, to the after-school activiti


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  • "InTech helped me to become a hard worker! I learned how to persevere through the work and to feel accomplished at the end of the project. They taught me to think outside the box on challenges we face today."

    Aiden Wead 2017 Alum
  • "InTech was high school on hard mode, but with a boss fight on normal mode. It made college almost easy! Mr. Ashcroft really made the school for me. Anything imaginable could be made in his engineering classroom. I imagined, and made, a lot in there."

    David Oliphant 2016 Alum
  • "InTech has impacted my life by allowing me to be myself. I was surrounded by people who I knew would not judge me for being who I am. I was able to develop my leadership skills and actively use them to make a real difference. I was even able to be Student Body President for the school year 2016-2017! That definitely allowed my leadership, and my patience, to grow. I was able to immediately feel the unity and community of the school, especially when I joined it junior year coming from a public high school. I loved my high school experience at InTech!"

    Zayhetzi Nunez 2017 Alum
  • "I think my time at InTech was so helpful because it is such a small school. I feel that I was able to make a difference there, especially in the robotics program. FIRST was especially influential because it helped me learn practical engineering, and understanding the design process from concept all the way through to a completed design. While this may seem pretty basic, I have met way too many engineering students that have no idea of the real world limitations of design and engineering because they have never actually tightened a bolt or made a part on their own, and have no real-world under

    Simon Davies 2016 Alum